Eight Reasons to Blog

1. Numero Uno
We are the first fair trade blog. Given the rate of blogs being created, one cannot be 100 percent sure of this but we can certainly claim to be the first blog in the Ten Thousand Villages network.

2. Direct to Customer
The plan is to serve up relevant news, timely product information and fair trade insights to our customers, friends and supporters.

3. A New Paradigm
We hope to connect and collaborate with like-minded people in order to exchange ideas and continue learning.

4. 60th Anniversary
Ten Thousand Villages has been promoting fair trade in North America in 1946.

5. Experience Counts
As a two-year-old store in Austin, Texas, we have learned a lot from our corporate parent and plan to continue its good works with this new channel of blogging.

6. World Fair Trade Month
May is World Fair Trade month and celebrations are planned for May 13 which is designated as World Fair Trade Day.

7. It’s free.
Sort of. This tool is free but I am very grateful that my Blog Team and fellow board members are supporting this idea with their time and talents.

8. Show Me the Picture
In order to get Kitty, our wonderful store manager, off my back whenever she asks to have an online photo gallery or post video footage of all the cool happenings in town.