Get Involved

How do I get involved in fair trade?

1. Shop fair trade
Fair trade is not the silver bullet to solve trade inequities nor the ideal long term solution for everyone. Your purchase, however, is a vital source of income for our partner artisan communities in more than 30 countries. Come visit us on May 30 to hear it firsthand from Illies.

2. Share the (product) story
Ask for an artisan story to accompany your purchase. I guarantee you that your friends will be intrigued to learn about the who, what, and why of the artisan that made the handicraft.

3. Volunteer
If fair trade is your cause and you can spare a couple of hours each month, give us a shout. Kitty and Polly runs a warm, welcoming store and will be happy to work with your schedule. Plus volunteers receive a 10 percent discount.

4. Benefit Nights
Ask us how your nonprofit group can organize a no-fuss fundraiser that receives up to 15 percent of sales. Businesses are welcomed to participate with proceeds going to charity.

5. Blah, blah, blah…
Invite us to talk to your group. Various schools, churches, green groups, etc. have enjoyed hearing us share how we walk the talk.

6. Take Action
Take it to the next level. Contact Texas Fair Trade Coalition to help advocate trade policy.