Artisan Experiences


Visiting with traveling artisans who make all our crafts is one of the best parts about being involved with Ten Thousand Villages.

Through a translator during one of these visits, we learned about how Ten Thousand Villages has helped the artisan group, Creaciones Chonita, by marketing their products and telling their stories. At the end of each conversation they always said, "Send us more orders!"

During one of these visits, Karen, of the Atlanta Ten Thousand Villages store was lucky enough to receive a handstitched bird on the front of her sweater. Concepcion stitched it in a matter of minutes! I feel sure that there will be more bird designs created from that group because Concepcion took a bird picture book back with her to Guatemala.

During a separate and unique experience, we got to spend time with the same traveling artisan from Guatemala. We were pleased to bring Concepcion along on an errand run with us to a Target. With our limited Spanish vocabulary, we picked up on her desire to take home some clothing items for her grand daughter that were made in America.

Knowing that we would not be successful in this task, we starting reading labels. Made in Bangladesh, China, India, and even Guatemala. She laughed, but didn't purchase any. She ended up with a random grouping of countries, not one of which was the U.S.A.