A Fair Trade Birthday


During a bead working demonstration at Ten Thousand Villages,
Concepcion Mendoza awarded Cassy, our Villages neighbor in Houston, Texas, a fair trade birthday gift. Cassy accepted her one of a kind, beaded bracelet, which was created in several minutes, right in front of our eyes.

Concepcion and Domingo Reanda (her son-in-law) belong to the artisan
group Creaciones Chonita in Guatemala. I was informed that Ten Thousand Villages accounts for 70% of their sales.

While demonstrating their beadwork, Domingo talked to our group through
a translator about how Villages has helped them survive: “I feel like I’m with family here, because we all have the same vision of helping our neighbors – not only survive but get ahead.”

Because of its simplicity, this beaded bracelet is a design that new
women members of Creaciones Chonita start with when they join the
artisan group.

Happy Birthday Cassy!