America’s First Fair Trade Town

Media Borough

Whoever would have thought that Media, PA, instead of any other given city in California will be hailed the nation’s first fair trade town?

On July 8, Media Borough will officially be the “First Fair Trade Town in the US.”

Media joins the 300 fair trade towns in Europe and the 150 in Britain and Ireland. San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Chicago and others are working toward becoming fair trade towns.

Fair trade towns must meet certain criteria:

  • The city council must pass a resolution supporting fair trade and committing to use fair trade products at its meeting and events
  • A certain percentage of retailers and institutions must sell and use fair trade products
  • A standing committee must offer ongoing promotion of fair trade
  • A widespread support and publicity around fair trade

Congrats Media! If you, in Austin, have an in with Major Wil Wynn, give me a shout. : )