First Annual Oriental Rug Event


Next week, Pakistani rugs will be in the Austin store from August 2 through 6.

Each rug sold helps an artisan achieve a simple but life-changing goal.

For instance, being able to purchase a water buffalo means a daily supply of fresh milk, from which yogurt and butter, used heavily in Pakistani cooking, can be produced. Since the looms for making rugs are located in homes, women have an increased ability to work. This allows women to have a financial voice in their family which, in many cases, has risen the marrying age of young women because, as wage earners, they have a greater choice about when and whom to marry.

Since the 1960s, rug sales through Ten Thousand Villages have provided a living wage for more than 700 families in Pakistan.

ps: Free Oriental Rug Appreciation Seminar on August 5 at 10 a.m. E-mail Kitty if you want details.