Anti-Malarial Bednets

I first read about Acumen Fund’s anti-malarial bednets in a magazine and was blown away by the simplicity, technology and impact of this project–designed to help the poor and improve health care.  Plus the local production of these bednets has created more than 100 jobs that are mostly for women.

In Africa, a typical dwelling is unprotected from the mosquitoes that cause malaria which kills at least a million people every year and kills a child every thirty seconds.

Traditional treated bednets maintain their effectiveness for only six months and are prone to tearing. 

Acumen Fund has worked to introduce a new type of anti-malarial bednet,
which kills mosquitoes on contact for five years and is non-tearable.

In addition, Acumen Fund has created a public-private partnership with WHO, Unicef, Sumitomo, ExxonMobil and an African bednet maker to manufacture these nets.

A to Z Textile Mills is beginning to experiment with alternative colors and uses, such as covering dorrways windows and eaves.

In this 2005 TED Talks video, Jacqueline Novogratz, founder and CEO of Acumen Fund, argues persuasively for a new approach to foreign aid: “The
question isn’t ‘how do we fix this?’ The question is ‘How can we help
Africans to do this for themselves?”