Fast Company Social Capitalist Award 2007

The 2007 Social Capitalist Award winners were announced this past Thursday morning by Fast Company and the Monitor Group. The Award recognizes non-profits that are generating both financial profit and social benefit.

Of the 38 winner, I’m only familiar with Teach for America and TransFair USA, a fair trade certification provider and three time in a row winner of this award.

Education-orientated winners include:

  • Aspire Public Schools, which builds and operates small public charter schools in underserved neighborhoods with a curriculum that constantly reinforces the possibility of college for all students
  • Citizen Schools which recruits more than 2,000 professionals to provide after-school apprenticeships to low-income middle-school students
  • Jumpstart addresses a shortage of adults working in preschools and the lack of early education in low-income communities

Microfinance winners include:

  • ACCION International trains banks around the world to be microfinance partners, making small loans (averaging $674) to help poor people start businesses.
  • Unitus helps microfinance institutions become sustainable by providing financial support and consulting, drawing on practices from venture capital, investment banking, and microfinance.
  • Global Fund for Women makes grants of $500 to $100,000 to organizations advancing women’s human rights–promoting economic independence in Africa, say, and fighting “honor killings” in the Middle East.

The full list is presented in a very readable grid here.