Ending Hunger: Austin Empty Bowl Project

1. Ask amateur, professional and celebrity potters to donate as many bowls as possible.

2. Make bowls available for $15 donation per bowl. (Customer can take their bowl home.)

::My friend Pauline pointed out that each $15 bowl feeds 75 persons.

3. Fill bowl with a generous serving of soup and bread from some of Austin’s finest restaurants including Mother’s, Hyde Park, Wink, Eastside Cafe and Cafe Josie.

4. Arrange for live music, silent auction of celebrity bowls, and raffle.

5. Result: Raise upwards of $39,000 for the Capital Area Food Bank (in 2005).

Hosted by ClayWays in north Austin, the Empty Bowl Project is a nationwide effort by potters to end hunger. Today’s event attracted a wrap-around crowd of Austinites. I’m sure the fabulous weather helped.

My friends and I selected ours from more than 1,000 uniquely-designed bowls. We enjoyed our tortilla, pulled pork and veggie soup in an airy, outdoor tent with live music. Below are the celebrity bowls signed by Lance Armstrong. The one on the left had Live Strong written in a neat hand on the inside; the other had seven jerseys representing his Tour De France victories.

And this is the fine bowl which I selected thanks to my friend’s, Pauline, sharp eyes.