Ask for rBGH-Free Milk

I didn’t realize that Starbucks was using milk produced with artificial growth hormone, rBGH.  Today was Food & Watch’s call in to tell Starbucks to Hold the Hormes and only buy rBGH-free milk. I remember watching a documentary on rBGH which has some pretty nasty effects on both cow and human health.

Here are top 10 reasons for Starbucks to go rBGH free.  More about rBGH here.

The campaign is making headway as Starbucks issued a statement today noting that “27 percent of the dairy we buy is already rBST-free and 37 percent will be rBST-free starting in January, 2007.”

For your next latte, be sure to ask your Starbucks barista to use rBGH-free milk which is technically available upon request.