Let’s Talk about Fair Trade

Austin continues to be very supportive of its Ten Thousand Villages:

  • Top 5 performing store (by revenue) in the nation
  • Net sales of more than $200,000 in November and December, our most important months
  • Third store by sales of Ten Thousand Villages gift cards nationwide

Behind these numbers, we often get asked, “Why qualifies you as a nonprofit?”

Education is the reason why Ten Thousand Villages is registered as a nonprofit. It is part of our charter to tell the stories of artisans and educate Austinites about the impact of fair trade. (And ultimately, we do hope that you’ll buy our products to support the artisans.)

Education is also why Carolyn, a fellow volunteer board member, heads the Education & Speaker’s Bureau. Send her an e-mail, via Kitty, if you are interested in having us speak at your event.

And to brush up on our skills, some of us will be attending the Storytelling Workshop with Diane Wolkstein, New York City’s Official Storyteller, on Monday, Jan. 29. This event is sponsored by Austin Area Interreligious Ministries.