Whole Trade: Whole Foods’ Fair Trade Label

Kudos to Whole Foods for working with TransFair USA, a fair trade certifier, and Rainforest Alliance, nonprofit environmental group, to offer a Whole Trade label that ensures:

  • exceptional product quality;
  • more money for producers;
  • better wages and working conditions for workers;
  • sound environmental production practices that promote biodiversity; and
  • support of poverty eradication via donating one percent of product sales to the Whole Planet Foundation

This is launched in conjunction with the opening of the company’s 195th store in Manhattan on March 29.

Kitty did flag this to me when she got the news release from Whole Foods a week or so ago. I’m thrilled each time an organization, particularly one with the footprint of Whole Foods, take a step towards fair trade certification.

Because this is a food focused effort, I cannot think of a better certification partner than TransFair. Additionally, this serves to complement our work as Ten Thousand Villages US is focused on fairly-traded handicrafts, as opposed to foods.

That said, I’ve been thinking that I ought to introduce myself and my team to someone at Whole Foods to say hi and build the relationship–as fellow fair trade advocates.

Via Green Options

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