Austin’s Secret for Nonprofits: Greenlights

If you have any experience working with a nonprofit, you’ll know that most are resource-starved and in need of time, talent and/or treasure ($$).  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one-stop shop with the know-how to lend a hand?

In comes Greenlights for Nonprofit Success, an Austin-based nonprofit whose mission is to help nonprofits “through consulting, education, networking, and resources.”  Check out its calendar of events to network with other nonprofits, learn grant writing skills, craft media-savvy programs, run fundraisers, headhunt for the next board member with XZY skill set, etc.

Matt Kouri joined recently in Jan. 2007 as the new Executive Director, bringing a consulting background from Deloitte.  His bio reads like a consultant’s (“functional areas”) but what resonate with me was his introductory letter in the January or February newsletter; his reflections on his decision to leave the corporate world to make a difference in the nonprofit space was very genuine and heartfelt.

Keep up the good works.  And to Central Texas nonprofits, be smart and check out the resources available to you.

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