SweatFree Austin

I wanted to share this e-mail from our assistant store manager, Polly:

Hello Board and Staff,

I just wanted to pass on some good news: this morning the Austin City Council unanimously approved the SweatFree Ordinance that we [Ten Thousand Villages of Austin] have endorsed. The ordinance was sponsored by council members Lee Leffingwell, Jennifer Kim and Sheryl Cole and was widely praised by Mayor Wynn.

What this means is that the city of Austin will not purchase uniforms from sweatshops. The city currently has an annual budget of 1.9 million dollars for uniform expenditures, so our commitment to sweatfree purchases will have a significant impact.

I am so proud of Austin for taking this stand on human rights and I am especially proud that we at Ten Thousand Villages of Austin did our part to make this happen. Thank you all for your support of this important initiative!


More details about the SweatFree Ordinance at the Texas Fair Trade Coalition.

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