Positive Energy is Contagious!


For more than three years, our store has been providing a marketplace for disadvantaged artisans and telling their stories in a welcoming and positive environment.

We hear it over and over again from our customers: “This place is so peaceful!”; “I love what you guys do and I’m so glad you are here”; and “I can’t wait to tell my friends.”

We are listening. Your comments reinforce our positive attitude and our motivation for continuing to do what we do with genuine joy.

Some of you have felt so moved by what we do and how we do it, that you have become part of our fair trade family. Our ever-growing number of volunteers is a true testament to how our positive environment is contagious. Please join us – our volunteer family could never be too big.

So, thank you again for all of the positive energy you have given us during our three years on Congress Avenue.