Volunteering at Villages of Austin


Volunteers are the lifeblood of our operations.  A mom (Amy) and daughter (Alice) shares their motivations and volunteer experience:

We feel like we live on Earth, not only Austin, Texas, and love to find connections to everyone else with us.  Ten Thousand Villages allows us, in a small way, to touch so many parts of the world.

Three years ago when we were struggling through the mom and daughter “who’s-in-charge” years–as a deep thinking, save-the-world student and a love-everyone assistant principal–we decided that a common adventure was our goal.  As frequent shoppers at Ten Thousand Villages of Austin, our lightbulbs clicked on and we thought this might be a good way to spend our time. So, we signed on to train and then met Polly, who we immediately knew was a fellow lover of all things global and a kindred soul.

We enjoy all of our new relationships with volunteers and our fearless leaders.  We both have learned so much about the strength of non-profit, fair trade retail.  We are consumate believers in building bridges throughout the world and love the underlying belief in beauty that Kitty, Polly and the board create.  We feel blessed to be a part of the Ten Thousand Villages community.