Keep Austin Green

It IS easy being green! Just ask the people who represented over 150 green businesses and organizations at the Austin Green Living Expo, held April 18-20 in Austin, TX. Our volunteers were instrumental in the process, helping us create the fantastic booth you see below…


We made lots of new friends, including Bark for Peace, a great organization committed to sustainable living “while loving and learning from dogs.” What a fun group!

We also connected with Katz Coffee. They can brew one mean cup o’ joe. Their goal is “perfection in every cup,” which starts at the source by using fair trade certified, “green” beans. You can even buy online. Might I recommend the Bat City Blend? A tribute to the great city of Austin, TX. Check them out!

Africa Bound, another new friend of Ten Thousand Villages, conducts tours all over Africa. They also sell neem oil and are in the process of creating an African village in Cedar Creek. Check back for more details!

The Expo was a great way to see how easy it can be to go green. There are so many ways to incorporate environmentally-friendly living into your lifestyle, you just have to find the ones that are right for you!

Ten Thousand Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth. We hope you’ll continue to spread our mission of fair trade. To those who purchased hand-made items from the artisans we work with, we hope you’re enjoying them! We were all sad to see the lion leave the store, but we’re confident he’s enjoying his new home.


Hope to see you in the store soon! …Taylor