Ten Thousand Thanks to our angel, John Egan!

You know how sometimes, someone seems to come along at just the right moment and provide you with exactly what you need? We usually don’t even have to tell them when we need them. They instinctively know when to be there. Someone even created a day of recognition for these folks. It’s known as Be An Angel Day, celebrated on August 22 each year.

Well, we here at Villages of Austin have had our own angel these days. His name is John Egan, and he lives right here in Austin, TX. He has written stories about Ten Thousand Villages of Austin and as a result, has generated a lot of great publicity for our store and for fair trade. He recently donated a brand-new all-in-one copier/scanner/fax machine to the store. We cannot thank him enough!

Saving the day is a full-time job, but John manages to find time to run the company he founded, UpWord Communications. He is a master wordsmith, and he uses his skills to help magazines, businesses, and non-profit organizations promote themselves effectively.

Thank you again, John, for all that you do!

Ten Thousand Villages of Austin