New item: Zulugrass accessories

Ten Thousand Villages of Austin is proud to partner with Zulugrass to bring you unique accessories from central Kenya.  Single or multiple strands can be worn a variety of ways, as a necklace, choker, hair tie, belt, bracelet, and more!  The grass from which they are made grows naturally in the region with a hollow center, making the grass perfect for beads.  The grass, dyed in rich hues, is combined with hand-blown Czech glass bead to create over 200 color combinations.


Because every strand is unique, Zulugrass makes a wonderful gift.  In addition, your purchase of Zulugrass products from Ten Thousand Villages of Austin provides a sustainable economic opportunity for local communities in East Africa.  We should mention that the livestock in this region do not eat this grass, so its use is not posing any threat to the ecological system.

Fun Fact: The elastic used inside the strands, the strongest and best quality available, was also used to suspend the actors in the Spiderman movie series.  Stop into the store and try them for yourself! …Taylor