Mother-Approved, Kid-Friendly Jewelry!

We were thrilled to find out that one of favorite products, Zulugrass, was recently featured on the blog, The EcoChic. Zulugrass jewelry is not only beautiful, but as blog author, Calley Pate, raves, “As a mother of 2 children (one infant) I was sure it was going to be broken in the first day.  Well, to my surprise, it’s almost one month later and I’m SOLD!  I’ve worn them them almost everyday and I love them.  I love the versatility and the strength.”

Finding jewelry that can stand the constant pull and tug of an infant’s curious grasp is a treasure, to be sure!  With Zulugrass, moms can be both stylish and confident that their necklace or bracelet is not going to go flying in a million different directions with one tug!



It’s also a wonderful feeling to know that your purchase of Zulugrass helps support the Maasai women of Kenya.  The Zulugrass is harvested and cut by hand and this joint venture between the Maasai and the the founders of The Leakey Collection, Philip and Kate Leakey, has helped restore the livelihood of the Maasai.

The Eco Chic’s mission is to search for ways to reduce environmental impact on the Earth by sharing ideas, products, and services with the world. Our thanks go out to EcoChic for sharing the story of Zulugrass and the Maasai.  You can read her blog about Zulugrass as well as other ideas about being a “green mommy” at



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