Warm Fuzzies From Bolivia

Asociacion de Artesanos Q’antati

The word Q’antati is Aymara for

The Q’antati Association of Artisans is the united effort of Bolivian artisans near Lake Titicaca and in the mountain outskirts of La Paz. All these artisans are members of indigenous peoples of Bolivia; the majority are Aymara people. The word Q’antati is Aymara for “dawn rising,” a symbol of the hope that this independent self–governed artisans’ association inspires. They create a broad range of traditional handicrafts, household textiles and musical instruments. Worker benefits are a high priority to members of this group. Members are elected to two–year terms in leadership positions but decision–making happens at all levels.

The artisans of Q’antati have been working together since 1974. Committed to fair trade at all levels, Q’antati is a member of the International Fair Trade Association.

Ten Thousand Villages purchases cane panflutes, alpaca scarves and mittens, pillows and tablerunners from Q’antati. Ten Thousand Villages has purchased products from Q’antati since 1984.

Alpaca Mountain Hat, Bolivia, $44.00

Alpaca Mountain Scarf, Bolivia, $68.00