Volunteers, We Love You!

It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week, and we thought that it would only be appropriate to dedicate a whole blog post to brag about how amazing our volunteers are! Take a peak at what our staff had to say about them– it won’t take long to realize how fabulous our Volunteer Team is!

“Volunteers are one of the best things about our Austin store. I knew very few people when I moved here back in 2004 and then I started working at Ten Thousand Villages. Within a month I gained almost 80 new friends! Creatives, academics, musicians, artists, travelers, and just plain good people of all walks of life. As a testimony to our volunteer program and how fun and rewarding it is to volunteer with us, most of these friends are still working shifts in the store! I can’t wait to see how our volunteer program will grow as our network continues to grow stronger!”– Kitty, Store Manager

When I think about how much our volunteers mean to me, I feel an exuberant amount of joy that is very hard to contain! When a volunteer signs up for a shift (or better yet covers a yellow shift!), I literally clap my hands and whisper a silent “Yay!” in front of my computer. Seriously, ya’ll have no idea how much of a difference signing up for ONE shift can make! The part that I love the most about my job is that no day is EVER the same. Our volunteers inspire me in new ways all the time and challenge me to not just be a better Volunteer Coordinator, but a better person. I learn from each and every one of you, and I can only hope that we are able to do the same!”– Alice May, Volunteer Coordinator

“I don’t know what I’d do without our great volunteers! What I love about the volunteers is that every one of them is so unique and has their own special talents. With a group this big to help out there is always a different dynamic depending on who is going to help me that night. I’ll check the evening’s schedule and depending on who is volunteering, I’ll say to myself, “We’ll get those wallhangings up today!” or “Great! We’ll get that report worked on!” or “I can’t wait to hear what crazy stories she’ll have about her school kids!” or “I can’t wait to see what her hair color will be today!” or “Thank goodness! He can fix the computer!” Okay, okay… I think you get the hint 🙂 Bottom line, we couldn’t do it without you!”– Becky, Countess

“I have found that working with others encourages me to do my best, whatever the task or project may be. My skills are sharpened by thinking through how to pass on various information and ideas. Our volunteers bring many skills and so much creativity and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the lives and backgrounds of our volunteers as well as what brought us all to this place we call Ten Thousand Villages of Austin!”– Christa, Administrative Assistant