Farewell to our Fall 2011 Marketing Intern!

As this semester comes to an end, sadly so does our marketing intern’s time with us. Eris contributed so much to Ten Thousand Villages, and she will be greatly missed.

Alice May, Volunteer and Intern Coordinator, says of Eris, “We have thoroughly enjoyed Eris’ sweet spirit, her passion for fair trade, and her creative eye. She has truly brought our marketing to the next level!”

A few designs by Eris…

Our volunteers might recognize this design by Eris–its the banner at the top of the volunteer e-mails!

She also designed this sponsor logo found on Austin Eavesdropper!

Below, Eris describes her time here in her own words at Ten Thousand Villages of Austin:

“For the last three months, I’ve been interning at Ten Thousand Villages, which has been fun and inspiring. In general, my job included designing store signage, e-mails, and posters, posting events on online calendars and helping to plan the annual store art show fundraiser, One Reason Why. I’ve loved every project I’ve worked on and I’ve enjoyed it.  I feel like I learned something that I can’t learn from school. Picking a color, font, images for designing is not difficult because I like it (well, sometimes it is difficult because I need to make the font clear and big, which doesn’t always match with the overall layout!). What I’ve learned is how a non-profit organization operates. It is amazing that there are so many events, celebrations and social hours that go on every month!  Ten Thousand Villages is lively and so are the people who work/volunteer there. I think the main reason that Austin people love Ten Thousand Villages and want to be part of it is that there is so much fun at Ten Thousand Villages.  One Reason Why is the first fund raising event I’ve participated in. It was a huge success. I attended every planning committee meeting so I knew how much effort, help and donations are needed to hold this event- I am glad I was part of it.

My favorite part of being an intern at Ten Thousand Villages is to reflect on what I’ve done.  The posters I’ve designed are on the front door, the sale signage is next to the sale sections, the emails I’ve created are right in Ten Thousand Villages customers’ mailbox-and mine, for sure! Every time I see them, I feel proud of myself. I am happy I am able to do something that makes Ten Thousand Villages better. My other favorite parts of being an intern at Ten Thousand Villages is that the people here are so easy to work with. Kitty and Alice May are easy to reach if I do not quite understand the projects they want me to work on. Kitty always gives me great feedback on anything I design-she makes sure every word and image is right before we put them out.  Becky is always laughing and happy. Kathy is extremely patient and is always helping people find something they want and Magpie is friendly to the customers.  Alice May is my internship supervisor so she is the one I work with most often.  I must say a special thanks to her because she shows respect and appreciation to the interns. She talks to interns and volunteers to see if they have any questions or if there is anything that they don’t feel comfortable working on. If you know you are working with people who are considerate, enthusiastic and energetic, you will definitely love your job!”

Eris will be greatly missed, and we wish her the best of luck in her final semester at UT and in all her future endeavors!  Thank you, Eris, for sharing your time, energy, and talents with us here at Ten Thousand Villages-You will be hard to replace!