The Women of Ten Thousand Villages of Austin

Third times a charm!  For those of you who have been confused by the many times we have posted this blog, we apologize–a few technical difficulties got the better of us!

Watch the videos and read the blurbs below to learn a little bit more about our four staff members. Those of you who think you already know them might be surprised!

Meet Alice May

Meet Christa

Meet Kitty

Meet Becky

Becky has been volunteering at Ten Thousand Villages since 2007 and has been our countess part-time since Jan of 2010.  A little known fact about Becky is that she likes to cook. She says, “because I often don’t follow a recipe, I have to make up names for the stuff I cook because my husband likes to know what he is eating!”  She also has five dogs, all of whom are rescue dogs.   To Becky, “Fair Trade means empowerment…  It helps people better themselves and their living situation and the lives of their families.  I love that saying, ‘If you want Peace, work for justice.’ Fair trade is about treating people fairly, and that to me is justice.”  Such a great quote, and being shared by such a great woman, no less!  Thanks Becky, for all you do!