Sassy, breezy, heavenly….Sarongs are Here!

Who can believe that we are already in the high 80’s…and it’s not even May yet?!  Although this may be a sign of a VERY hot summer, it is not all bad–mainly because it means we can bust out our summer clothes a little early and head to the Greenbelt for some swimming and tanning!  Speaking of summer clothes…


In honor of the arrival of both our sarongs and the perfect warm weather to wear them in, here’s a post dedicated to some different ways to wear the sarongs as suggested by Serenitys Journey.  Our two interns, Bernie and Alyssa, did a little photo shoot to model the different styles, and we think they may have had a bit too much fun…


This is a perfect way to wear your sarong over a swim suit while you lounge around the pool (perhaps dreaming of Ryan Gosling like our intern Alyssa does)!  For this fun and relaxed look:

  1. Hold the sarong around you at your waist, grabbing a corner in each hand.
  2. Then, bring them together at one side and tie snugly above your hip.
  3. A quick tip: For a shorter look, fold the fabric in half before wrapping.


For this slightly more elegant style, great to wear for a brunch on the patio…

  1. First center the sarong behind your back, just below your shoulder blades.
  2. Wrap the fabric around your body by bringing the two corners forward below your arms.
  3. Cross the ends over your bust and tie them behind your neck.  Voila–an instant summer halter!


This look is great for leisurely stroll through the park or a trip to Zilker.

  1. First, drape the sarong across your back while holding a corner in each hand.
  2. Draw your arms forward to wrap the fabric around your body.
  3. The key to gorgeous draping? Hold the fabric underneath your arms so your hands are free to twist each end before making a knot just above your bust.


To add this accent made out of coconut (that’s right, coconut!), just follow these three simple steps:

  1. First, hold the sarong behind your body.
  2. Position sarong around your waist and fasten with buckle.
  3. Finally, feed the corners back into the buckle making sure enough of the sarong enters the buckle so that you can pull it tight and finish up with a knot if you like.

For more detailed instructions and a look at all our different sarongs, come into the store-we can’t wait to show you all the magical ways to utilize our wonderful sarongs!