How You and Villages can Help a 9-Year Old Activist Raise $10,000 to Protect Elephants!

Elephant Lovers Unite!!!

Download this sign and show your solidarity with Crosby and Rosie on Facebook!

Download this sign and show your solidarity with Crosby and Rosie on Facebook!

Just shy of our annual Elephant Appreciation Day Sale (September 21st), we will be donating 30% of our stores sales each day to an intrepid young Austin activist Crosby Grace Kelly  who has teamed up with Rosie Plaia and A Different Rhythm Foundation to walk until meeting a $10,000 goal to benefit Kuki Gallmann’s:  Gallmann African Conservancy of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.  Donations will start on August 31st when Rosie kicks off her walk at the Villages of Austin store at 9am and continue until Rosie Plaia’s walk ends in Houston.

Walking for the W-elephants!

Rosie and Crosby Walking for the W-elephants!

Nine-year old Crosby started her walk before sunrise on July 14th. Crosby has a love of animals, having 10 pets herself, and wanted to answer world renowned conservationist Kuki Gallmann‘s call for elephant aid and an end to poaching. Crosby will be starting 4th grade this Monday, so the walk was handed over to A Different Rhythm founder, Rosie Plaia. Rosie will be walking 30 miles a day to Houston to continue the Walk for Elephants.

FYI: The Different Rhythm Foundation was founded earlier this year. The goal of the organization is to promote biodiversity and conservation awareness. Rosie was inspired by her time volunteering in and studying sustainable practices in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, S. Sudan, and Tanzania. In fact, the name for the organization comes from Rosie being on “Africa time” or “A Different Rhythm.”

Elephants at Ol Ari Nyiro

Elephants at Ol Ari Nyiro

Kuki saying "No to Ivory" in an epic way

Kuki saying “No to Ivory” in an epic way

The Gallmann African Conservancy and Foundation promote Elephant protection and anti-poaching, reforestation, biodiversity monitoring, environmental protection and positive human wildlife relations. The wildlife sanctuary known as “Ol Ari Nyrio” or “The Place of Springs” is located in Laikipia, Northern Kenya. It is 100,000 acres large and is home to over 400 species of birds, a large wildlife population, consisting of elephants, lions, leopards, over 4,000 Cape Buffaloes (the largest known population on private land) and more!

Volunteers Lauren and Ali, selling fair trade and helping us reach our goal to $10,000!

Volunteers Lauren and Ali, selling fair trade and helping us Rosie and Crosby reach  $10,000!

Store manager Kitty Bird is so excited about this opportunity to show solidarity with all of these wonderful conservationists:

Elephant Enthusiast: Kitty Bird

Elephant Enthusiast: Kitty Bird

“We are so excited to have the ability to help save elephants in Africa so close to home. As a fair trade retailer, we provide sustainable income to artisans overseas every day. Fair trade practices help ensure eco-friendly processes are in place as well as provide people in disadvantaged situations a dignified, long term income so they don’t have to turn to poaching to earn a living. We hope to get Rosie and Crosby to their goal of $10,000 by donating 30% of sales each day that Rosie is on her journey to Houston.”

P.S. All artisans are always paid in full before our products are placed on the shelves! That means that donations do not effect their fair payment; in fact, more sales mean more orders! Great for the elephants, and great for the people!