Austin City Limits – The Fair Trade Way!

Hi Villagers!  With the second weekend of ACL just a few days away, I wanted to give you all a few ideas and must-haves for what to bring to ACL Weekend #2! Ten Thousand Villages of Austin has a ton of great items that would make your weekend at ACL a little easier, prettier, and a lot more fun!  Let’s get started!

I wanted to start off with an essential.  In order to stay and play all day, you’re going to need a few things, and you’ll want something to put it all in 🙂


I chose this bag because it is the perfect size; it’s big enough to carry all the basic necessities but easy to throw over your shoulder when you’re running from Kaskade’s encore at the Honda stage across the park to catch Muse’s opening tune.  This bag is the ideal blend of function and statement piece, and all our bags are handmade by artisans from around the world!


Having quality head and footwear could make or beak your weekend.  Whether its scorching heat, pouring rain, or perfect weather like we experienced last weekend, it is super important to be prepared for it all so you can fully enjoy ACL.  Nothing ruins a great weekend like a sunburn!  I have included in my ACL survival kit a gorgeous multipurpose scarf that can be used as shade from the sun, a wrap for cold or windy weather, or a seat when you’re posted up in the grass watching Kings of Leon.  I also included a sturdy pair of sandals and a headband to wrangle any flyaways or crazy hair that might occur during a long day of stage hopping.

Now for two things that are often forgotten!


A word to the wise:  do not forget lip balm and extra scrunchies!! An entire weekend out in the elements can do a number on your smoochers!  Come into Ten Thousand Villages of Austin and pick up some of this scrumptious shea lip butter and your lips will thank you! It is also a great idea to pack extra hair ties for you and your girlfriends, in case the weather goes south, or you get a little sweaty rocking out to Kendrick Lamar.  This scrunchie is disguised as a pretty little flower, what’s not to love about that?!

Our ACL survival kit is shaping up pretty nicely, but I can’t go to ACL without some gorgeous accessories, and I know you feel the same way!  I have included 2 different sets of Artisan crafted jewelry that will make your Austin City Limits wardrobe as beautiful and unique as you are!


My first collection is inspired by nature and highlights metals, natural stones and wood.  These pieces will give your outfit a little texture and sparkle, and perfect that ACL bohemian look.


This set of jewelry is for the ladies that want to add a punch of color to ACL Weekend 2.  I have included just a few of the great statement pieces that we have available at Ten Thousand Villages, but you can be sure that any of these pieces will satisfy your color and sparkle cravings.  I don’t know if I can choose between the two collections, and because I only have ten fingers, I would have to mix and match between the two. Thankfully there are 3 more days of ACL to show off all this great jewelry!

My final recommendation for your Fair Trade ACL pack is just for fun.


Clapping is fine and dandy, but who wouldn’t love one of these awesome noise makers to add to your musical weekend?

Thanks for checking out my ACL survival guide.  Don’t forget to stay hydrated and wear lots of sunscreen, and make sure your phone/camera is fully charged so you don’t miss out on capturing any of the wonderful moments!  If there is anything I left out, please leave me a comment, and if you are sporting Fair Trade items at ACL, take a picture and tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@AustinVillages) so we can show them off on our website!

Have a great ACL Week 2!