The Powerful Impact of “The Power of Five”

How much good can you do with five dollars? Any ideas? How about send a girl in Nepal to school for an entire month. That sure sounds more exciting than buying a sandwich.

Ganesh Himal Trading, a fair trade goods supplier, has recently taken on a mission that Ten Thousand Villages of Austin is getting behind. The movement is called The Power of Five, and their goal is to sponsor 100 girls in Nepal for one more year of schooling. Ten Thousand Villages of Austin’s event One Reason Why, happening this Friday, October 25th, will be raising money to contribute to their goal, as well as to support fair trade in Austin.

Spreading the word about The Power of Five can have a powerful impact. If five people donate $5 each and then gets one friend to donate, then those ten people will be sending a girl in Nepal to school for an entire year. That’s right, ten donations of $5 is all it takes. If those ten people get ten more people to donate, and so on, the resulting chain would be extraordinary.

The positive effects of sending these girls to school extend far beyond themselves: it increases their ability to help their families, local economies, and establish themselves as an influential part of society. Providing these girls with scholarships will empower them and act as a step towards eradicating poverty in Nepal. Pictured below is one of the students on a scholarship thanks to The Power of Five.

The Power of Five Sign

How can you contribute? Tickets to One Reason Why, our biggest event of the year, are available for purchase on Ten Thousand Villages’ website . In addition to helping the cause, your ticket will get you delicious food and drinks, international music, dance performances, a swag bag packed full of goodies, and the opportunity to take home some beautiful artisan work. Pictured below are some guests from last year’s One Reason Why with their swag boxes.

One Reason Why 2012 Guests

If you can’t make it to the event, no worries: there’s a donation jar in the store. Our volunteers are getting involved, too. Pictured below is Becca making her Power of Five donation.

Becca Donating

I hope to see you this Friday as we raise money to change these girls’ lives and support fair trade!