You Won’t Be “Sari” You Gave These a Try!

Help Bangladeshi artisans and Mother Earth’s precious trees! An estimated 4 million tons of wrapping paper and shopping bags are thrown away during the holiday season, and you can help make a dent in that with our Celebration Sari Gift Wrap. These squares of colorful saris will liven up not one, but many gifts over their lifespan. They can be used to wrap a variety of different shapes and sizes, giving you a solution for all your wrapping needs. Plus, each one has a unique pattern, so you can choose what speaks to you!

Following the instructions that come with each piece of sari gift wrap, I tried out a few fun wrapping techniques. Take a look!

Ever wonder how to make a wine bottle look cool? Just a bow or some ribbon spoils the surprise of what special drink is inside, and a bag is just, well, a bag. Conventional wrapping paper would look awkward, but not the sari gift wrap! I chose one of my favorites to show how it can be done.

Wine Bottle

Flowers are another tricky gift to wrap in style. The online demo I followed shows an innovative way to solve this issue with the saris. For my example, I wrapped some of our Perennial Paper Flowers, which also happen to be crafted by Bangladeshi artisans.


Basic shapes also work with the gift wrap. There are different instructions based on the size of your gift, so you can make the sari fit perfectly. I grabbed a longer box that I wrapped with a vibrant tribal-print sari that I love.


One of the coolest aspects of the saris is that they can be used for more than just gift wrap. They make great accessories, as well, so they can become part of the gift. Chief Storyteller Becca agreed to be my lovely model, showing us a couple stylish ways to incorporate the saris into an outfit.

NeckKerrcheif Bandana

Some of these wrappings may look tricky, but I assure you they are not! I am terrible at origami and crafty types of things, but I was able to figure all these out within my first or second try. If I can do it,  then you can too!

Happy holidays and happy wrapping. 🙂