A big “Hello!” from our new NPO Intern

Hello there!

I’m Ivi Brown, the new NPO Support Intern for Ten Thousand Villages of Austin.  (We may  have met already at the store,  at One Reason Why 2013, or the Volunteer Appreciation Party last month).  I was a volunteer for a bit before I became an intern here, and I must say that I AM SO EXCITED about working more in-depth with Ten Thousand Villages!!!  How wonderful it is to be a part of this organization that is powered by so many motivated, kind, and compassionate hearts.  The hard work of everyone at Villages of Austin truly fortifies the dignity of artisans around the world who might otherwise struggle in dire situations, and the many beautiful items that they sell are so wonderful!  This company is a real breath of fresh air, don’t you agree?

As for me… I am a Bachelors of Social Work student at the University of Texas with a minor in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies. This spring semester, I am also interning at the Travis County Correctional Facility in the reentry program, helping friends with various causes locally and around the world, and working as a freelance hairstylist/makeup artist/photographer, which has been my main source of bread and butter for the better part of 9 years (website is coming soon).

No doubt, interning at Ten Thousand Villages will be a really valuable experience.  I have a vision for a social entrepreneurship that is still in the conceptual stages at the moment, and I know that being a part of Villages of Austin will offer me incredible insight about what it takes to run a successful nonprofit company.  It is apparent that they know what they are doing because of the successful 10 years that they have been growing as a functioning 501(c)3 that really does enrich the local community as well as communities of foreign lands.  I am so inspired by Ten Thousand Villages and the many people that work to support and collaborate with them.  Thanks again to everyone, and I look forward to getting to know you better!

For the most part, I will be here every Friday and Monday for sure and intermittently on either Saturdays or Sundays.  Feel free to drop by and say hi!