Our Favorite Fair Trade Challenge Photos

Ten Thousand Villages’ Fair Trade Challenge is an annual event encouraging folks to eat, drink, use, or wear fair trade products each day then shout it from all corners of social media.  This year’s Fair Trade Challenge really showed how fun and creative fair trade supporters can be!  In honor of Austin Villages’ 10th birthday this year we are sharing our Top 10 photos from this year’s Challenge and why our Challengers say they support fair trade:

1. Flower Garland & Candleholder, Laura D.Laura used got creative with these fair trade pieces to decorate her dinner table on Cinco de Mayo.

“I support fair trade because the right to a fair wage has always been important to me. Being compensated fairly for your talent and work supports human dignity, boosts self esteem, and rewards dreamers who have put their dreams into action and encourages them to continue dreaming! Fair trade is a way to allow people to be the best version of themselves.” ~Laura D.

2. Bangles, Alice May B.Amay banglesThese silver bangles from India are some of Alice May’s favorites.  Ours too!

“Everyone on this planet deserves to make a living by earning a fair wage. So much pride results from work well done.” ~Alice May B.

3. Pencil Sharpener, Lisa G.LisaThe Fair Trade Challenge this year coincided with the end of the semester so St. Ed’s professor Lisa got a lot of use out of this lil’ guy.

“It provides HOPE!” ~Lisa G.

4. Earrings, Sarah D.Sarah StickerWe knew Sarah would be a great Challenger once we learned that her New Year’s resolution was to opt for sweatshop-free clothing whenever possible.  This pic is very powerful considering that artisans’ stories are a big part of the fair trade movement!

“I realized in 2013 after doing a lot of research and soul searching- the only reason I wasn’t fair trade was because I was, put very simply, selfish. I wanted my faith in to change not only what I believed but the way I shopped- and so I have made it my 2014 New Year’s Resolution to wear Sweatshop Free clothes, shoes, and accessories (I am allowing thrift stores to be a viable option as well). The more I have learned and researched Fair Trade, the more it becomes important to me and the more it has changed me!”

5. Spiced Chili Dark Chocolate, Aerin P.AerinReally, who can resist eating a few pieces of chocolate, even for the sake of a photo?  This entry demonstrates the sweet side of fair trade 😉

“Knowing that my actions allow others near and far to receive fair compensation and a living wage for their work is a noble cause!” ~Aerin P.

6. Ginger Tea, Becca H.BeccaWe love this fun photo because it demonstrates how fair trade can delight the senses.

“Fair trade helps people all over the world, not just in third-world countries — it spreads fairness and cultural understanding.” ~Becca H.

7. Cat Wall Hooks with Necklaces, Becca R.Becca CatsWow, so much fair trade!  Not only is Becca’s jewelry holder made of fair trade cut metal from Haiti, but she proudly displays her amazing fair trade necklaces on it.  Our hats off to you Becca.

“I support fair trade not only because it is empowering to artisans, farmers, and producers world-wide, but also empowering to us- the consumers. Realizing how much of a difference where and how you spend your money helped me to understand how connected we all our in the modern global economy… In fair trade, we see that as a beautiful thing- celebrating the intimacy between producers and consumers, and bridging that gap with stories, photos, videos and beautiful products.” ~Becca R

8. Dress, Rebecca D.Rebecca DRebecca is seriously rockin’ some fair trade style!  We love her smile in this pic.

“I support fair trade because it empowers people to improve their lives.” ~Rebecca D.

9. Coffee, Mary H.MaryLooks like Mary is going all french press with her fair trade caffeine fix – we want some!

“It’s the right thing to do” ~Mary H.

10. Mirror, Anne O.AnneAnne’s created a stunning composition for this pic, a perfect match for the beauty of the her reverse-painted glass mirror.

“Fair trade gives a voice to the voiceless and empowers people to be creative and successful!” ~Anne O.

And there you have it, our Fair Trade Challenge 2014 winners!  A big thanks to all of our Challengers who made this fun campaign happen!!  See ya next year 🙂