Being The Change I Wish To See In The World



     Let me start off by saying Hello! My name is Jackie Busch and I am the Event Planning Intern for this summer. I will be a sophomore this upcoming fall at Baylor University where I plan on studying international business and minoring in Leadership. I was born and raised in Austin and I am a true Austinite at heart, though I love my Wacoan home. Fun Fact about myself, I was a Girl Scout for 12 years and after hard work, sweat and a lot of cookies I was able to earn my bronze award. I don’t really have “favorites”, I am more equal opportunity. Except when it comes to movies, my favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice hands down. Because who can pass up Mr. Darcy?


One of the things I am most known for among my friends is for being the “mom” of our group. As much as I know that can be annoying it is only because I care immensely about their happiness and future. I am one of those people who feels pain when another feels pain, and joy when another feels joy. However, the good news is I am also a very good problem solver. Which is where the “mom” nickname comes in, because my advice very much mimics a mom’s guidance. When it comes down to it though, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I utilize my strengths to the best of my ability and by doing that I hope to bring out my friends strengths and help make them into the best version of themselves they can be. -Mom example number one 😉 I also give out hugs if you ever need a pick me up 🙂 Another attribute that my friends would probably say I have is that I truly want to make a difference in the world and in peoples lives. Since I was about eleven and learned about Gandhi in my English class my favorite quote has been “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” and I am ready to start being that.

free hugs

In high school I lead a service organization called the JOY project, and our mission was to find needs in the immediate Austin area and fulfill them. Through that I was able to experience and witness firsthand what making a difference in somebody’s life looks life. My favorite project was when we coordinated a service day that was themed around Valentine’s Day, because love comes in many different forms and we had plenty to give. My team went to over 10 houses that were members of our congregation that could no longer get around to do house or yard work. This one house in particular was a very good friend of our youth director’s who happened to be diagnosed with cancer. We sent over our crew and cleaned up his yard, because since his diagnosis no one had been able to take care of that part of the house. We brought over lunch so his wife could take an afternoon off and enjoy her time with her husband. While I am very proud of the work we did there, I am more proud of our volunteers taking the time to stop and listen to his many incredible stories. Before they left his wife told our volunteers that she had never seen him tell that many stories and was very appreciative. A few weeks later, he passed away and his wife made contact with us again and let us know how much us coming to her house had meant to her and her husband. I knew we had made a difference for their family –  although it was a small deed, it had a big impact.


     Going forward I hope to make the same kind of impact at Ten Thousand Villages. I have worked with my immediate community and now I want to have a different experience by making an impact in a person’s life that I will never have the privilege to meet. Love comes in different forms and I am ready  to bring my caring mom-love to people across the world and be the change I wish to see in the world.

       ghandhi reflection