Singing bowls, meditation and self transformation

 hands holding a singing bowl

When Ten Thousand Villages asked me to help conduct their Guinness World Record singing bowl event, I was very excited about the idea of sharing my love for sound and music with others. They were determined to set a new record in gathering at least 250 people to play the singing bowls simultaneously and as required by Guinness, they needed a professional to conduct the group. I agreed to help and began to put together my ideas of what I could share about the singing bowls. What I did not realize was how this experience would put new ideas and projects into motion for me and my practice.

I am a music therapist, trained in neurological music therapy, an accredited field of study requiring at least a 4-year degree to practice with a 6-month internship and board certification. My training was focused on how elements of music affect the nervous system and how music can be used to retrain movement, recover speech, facilitate attention and induce deep relaxation and desired mood states.

Copy of Tibetan Singing Bowell Class 025

One of my favorite applications of using music as therapy is in the realm of wellness. I use many different instruments in my practice, but for my sessions geared towards wellness I use the harp and the singing bowls. These instruments are very unique in their resonance and produce many audible overtones. When played properly, these instruments can be used therapeutically and can help restore the body.

Copy of Tibetan Singing Bowell Class 024
On the day of the Ten Thousand Villages singing bowl event I decided to share with the group two important ideas to remember when playing the singing bowls, that is intention and attention. If you begin a meditation practice at home using the singing bowls, it is good to first begin with an intention. The intention can be as simple as, “I want to calm my mind” or “I want to slow down my mind and body”. This brings mindfulness into what you are doing. Then as you play, bring your attention to the sound, the vibration you may feel and your breath. This puts your mind into direct sensory perception and out of planning for the future or thinking of the past.
Tibetan Singing Bowell Class 028

I was so inspired by participating in Ten Thousand Village’s singing bowl event that I was driven to start my own Meet Up group called Austin’s Music Meditation and Sound Healing Group. Amazingly, our group quickly grew just over a few weeks time and now we are approaching 100 members. Now I am hosting weekly singing bowl meditation classes focusing on understanding the benefits of meditation and how meditation can transform your state of being, creating a more peaceful and calm mind and body.

I send my gratitude out to Kitty who organized the Ten Thousand Village’s event and contacted me to be a part of something that set off a wave of inspiration for me. I hope to be of service to our community, bringing a little more peace through the beautiful sounds of the singing bowls.

Tibetan Singing Bowell Class 030

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