Five Fall 2014 Trends: Fair Trade & Fabulous

October was Fair Trade Month. A few decades ago, this might not have meant much to your average shopper. But today’s consumers expect more from their shopping experience: organic, sustainable, ethically-produced goods provide healthier options for both body and mind. Nowadays, shoppers can think globally and shop locally, no matter where they live.

Here in Austin, we offer lots of gorgeous items from around the world, many of which are trending this fall.

Read on for a few of our fave fall fashion picks:

1.Trend: Chunky Knits & Ponchos

Cuddly knits for chilly days. Perfect for the chilly weather we’re getting this weekend!

Quick Jaunt Capelet, Peru, $99

Quick Jaunt Capelet, Peru, $99

chunky knit

Alpaca Cable Knit Cape, Bolivia, $











2. Trend: Geometric Jewelry

 Classic and simple, the circle shape gets a fresh update with a yarn-ball texture. This is a great day-to-night set.

Silvery Spheres Necklace & Earrings Set, India, $39

Silvery Spheres Necklace & Earrings Set, India, $39

A statement necklace with hammered metals in both open and closed shapes

Modern Art necklace, Kenya, $59

Modern Art necklace, Kenya, $59


3. Trend: Chain Mail

OK, so it isn’t exactly chain mail, but our pop tab jewelry is a close facsimile of this look: Punk + eco = chic.

chainmail nk

Can Can necklace, Kenya, $16


chainmail earr

Can Can earrings, Kenya, $12


4. Trend: Artsy Stitching

Our easy-to-clean cotton canvas make up bags feature eye-catching strips of fabric in fall friendly orange and green.

Cosmetic Bags

Quick Trip Cosmetic Bags, Bangladesh, $24

Rich hues and contrasting textures render this scarf an artsy wonder

Kitenge Chenille Scarf Tanz $49

Kitenge Chenille Scarf, Tanzania, $49


5. Electric Blue Accessories

This “hot” cool hue will warm you right up this fall.

elec blue accessories

Clockwise from top: Fish Bag laptop sleeve, Cambodia, $34; Blue Breeze silk scarf, Laos, $49; Glass Slipper earrings, Chile, $18; Flip Flop bangle, Kenya, $28; Feelin’ Good Blues necklace, India, $24; Blue Rhapsody earrings, India, $12.

Hey, we’re curious: which trend is your favorite for Fall 2014?

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Sources: Elle and InStyle, September & October 2014