Progress and Excitement!

-written by Kitty Bird, Store Manager-Ten Thousand Villages, Austin

Progress. Excitement. Construction and building improvements are happening at a rapid pace at our new location on Burnet Road. We are excited to move in at the beginning of March – which is only a few weeks away now!

Check out our progress in photos below. We’ve shipped in some new fixtures and signs, painted the front of the store, and mounted slat wall to display beautiful, fair trade products.

fairly tradednew colorIMG_0286

We’re getting there, but we wouldn’t be where we are without our volunteers! Store volunteers have been clearing out storage shelves, packing up supplies, and even painting store fixtures to make sure we’re ready to go at the end of the month. As a primarily volunteer-run organization, we rely on our volunteers to keep the store running – but they have been going above and beyond in preparation for the big move. As they say, we get by with a little help from our friends!


And speaking of friends – we’re about to make some new ones! We have a crew coming all the way from Richmond Virgina to help spruce up the new store. Introducing The Northerners, the kindest “folked up” rock’n’roll group I know, who are using their down time on tour to help with service projects in each city they visit. The Al*tour*istic tour rolls into Austin next week and the band is scheduled for paint duty at our new Burnet Road store. Be sure to check them out at the Saxon Pub February 10th right here in Austin!


Finally, we have some very good news to report! We have a mystery fair trade supporter who is willing to match donations up to $3000 to help with our build out expenses. Each donation will be matched! Consider making a donation today, in any amount, and know that your impact will DOUBLE thanks to our mystery supporter. Below is a list of what your donation could pay for:

$5 per 1 sq ft. of flooring (we need 2600 sq ft!)
$25 for new keys to give our staff and lead volunteers
$35 1 gallon of paint
$50 1 day’s truck rental
$85 for each 2 pack of slat wall (we need 10!)
$100 snacks for hardworking volunteers and helpers
$300 for each staff office work station (we need 4!)
$500 for a larger entrance so customers can use our new back entrance!
$1000 2 new computer work stations for our hard working interns
$4000 additional artisan made furniture to display product
$5,300 beautiful new signage including reinstall of  acacia tree by local artists
$8500 many many light bulbs and electrical work to illuminate artisan’s handiwork
$12000 improvements to existing building

Make your donation count and help Ten Thousand Villages thrive in our new location on Burnet Road. Coming soon in March!