Permit Progress

-written by Kitty Bird, Store Manager

If you dont know already, Ten Thousand Villages is moving to a new location on Burnet Rd. Ive been updating our progress here on our fair trade blog, all along the way. Im happy to remark that its happening, its really happening! We finally have the permit to start building out the great features our new store will have to offer.

During this new phase, we stay at our current location on South Congress through March. SoCo, you still have us for one more month!

Check out the updates below.

floor plan

Following the architect’s floor plan carefully, workers are busy building out our new digs at the Burnet store.

  • Overhead lighting supplies have been delivered (almost) in full! This may not sound like big progress but, but believe me – it is. With new worries about the supplies being held up due to the west coast port shutdown, we are happy to have received 90% of our supplies, with our light bulbs arriving next week.
  • The frames for our new walls are up! These walls will separate rooms for inventory storage, extra stock and office space. Plus we’ll have a quiet little spot for our Volunteer Restoration Artist to repair damaged artisan product. It’s amazing what she can do with a bit of sandpaper, pliers and super glue.
restoration artist

Our Volunteer Restoration Artist, hard at work! She makes magic happen!

  • Doorways are opening! We’ve cut through an internal concrete wall to make a much larger opening for our customers, so that it’s easy to explore the entire store from the front or back entrance. We are so excited to finally have a back entrance for shipments, customers and volunteers. Plus, its an easy access to the beautiful back patio of Fork & Taco!
  • Bathroom tile is on order and we are getting ready to decorate the most fair trade bathroom you’ve ever seen. Just about everything needed will be fair trade: soap, mirror, hand towels, trash can basket, a candle, and shea butter hand creme from Ghana to keep us moisturized.
  • Our Ten Thousand Villages sign will be designed next week. For now, we have a BIG “Coming Soon!” banner out front which is getting a lot of attention. Keep an eye out for it next time you’re in the area! You can even tweet us a pic @AustinVillages if you like what you see!


    Burnet Road, we’re coming for ya!

We aren’t there yet, but very soon we’ll be moved in and ready for business in our beautiful new store. But this process is long – and it’s expensive! Your donations in any amount will support our move. We appreciate your dedication to our Austin Village and fair trade!