The BIG Move – by the numbers

-written by Kitty Bird, Store Manager

This month, Ten Thousand Villages finally moved into our new Burnet Rd location. We are excited! Just a few more details to tie up before feeling fully functional, but we’ve reached a point where we’re finally able to welcome everyone in to see our beautiful new store.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Installing finishes, receiving final inspections, packing, unpacking, moving in and a whole lot more unpacking. The boxes seemed to multiply! But we’ve tackled the unpacking, and our volunteers have been super helpful getting the product set on the shelves, hung and displayed.

Here is a recap of the last few weeks, by the numbers:

1 Store manager filled with lots of Ten Thousand Villages fair trade spirit!


2 Uhaul trucks carrying (then storing) every last bit of our fair trade merchandise.

Bonus: 43 the total length in feet of both trucks!

14 Cans of paint for all the walls, trim and many, many touch ups.

cans of paint

65 Boxes of product re routed to my house until the flooring was completely installed.


175 Pieces of tile creating a beautiful bathroom for our fair trade store.

165 pieces of tile

350 Boxes, bins and bags loaded in and unpacked.


2600 Sq feet of beautiful matchstick bamboo recycled vinyl plank flooring.


4803 The most important number of all, our new address! Visit us at our new location and make a purchase that makes a difference!

brand wall

Shop or donate and help keep our business running for the artisans. Visit us on Burnet Road or Make a donation here!