Introducing Priscilla, our Events Intern for Summer 2015

Hi! My name is Priscilla Luera and I am a third year at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Supply Chain Management with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. As a people enthusiast, I genuinely enjoy growing as a leader through avid involvement with the Hispanic Business Student Association and a nonprofit organization called, College Houses. My passions include: business globalization, women empowerment, and fair-trading, which is driven through an enthusiastic and open-minded attitude.

priscilla wall

Fortunately, during my undergraduate journey I discovered early that I did not want to be confined to a 9-5pm corporate schedule, but wanted to explore my options outside of McCombs. After changing my major twice, I had to question why I decided to take the business route and my initial intentions. I realized that I chose business because I wanted to take a creative career path that allowed me to help others and actually make a difference in the world.

After working for a non-profit called College Houses, which provides students affordable, cooperative housing, I was inspired to divert from my corporate career and dive into the nonprofit world. My first goal was to figure out how I can relate Supply Chain to nonprofits, and then I finally found the answer when I saw my favorite soda bottle cap spin and land heads up, with the words glowing “fair trade.” I took that word and ran with it!

I researched more about the fair trading industry and how I could immediately get involved. Thankfully, Ten Thousand Villages was the first company that popped up and then I was even luckier when I found an internship position for the summer.

As the current Events Intern, I hope to learn more about global artisan fair trade, engage in the Ten Thousand Villages community, and support others throughout my internship. Hopefully, one day I will also be able to be a fair trade expert and open up my own global nonprofit.