We’re excited to announce our new Summer Social Media Intern: Arielle Axelrod

Howdy y’all!


I’m the new Social Media Intern for Ten Thousand Villages Austin for the summer. Currently, I am a senior at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota with a major in Sociology/Anthropology, concentrating on Business Management and Media Studies. My degree allows me to combine my love and knowledge of human behavior with business aspects in an ever changing, globalized and media saturated world.

After I graduate, I want to go explore the world. I’m not exactly sure where these adventures will lead me or what I’ll be doing once I get there, but new experiences and new people are what motivate and inspire me, which is why Ten Thousand Villages is a perfect fit.

I was born and raised in Dripping Springs, Texas on a ranch with dogs, cats, cows, rabbits, and chickens. I attended the Austin Waldorf School from kindergarten through high school. It was there, that I discovered my love and talent for hands on creativity through art and learning.

I decided to move to Minnesota for my college studies because I wanted to experience four seasons and live with the Canadians of the USA or as they call themselves, “Minnesota nice”. I may have developed a slight Minnesnowta accent now, but it turns out that I prefer the Texas heat much more than the Minnesota snow!

I first discovered Ten Thousand Villages during the 9th grade when a few friends and I volunteered at a WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) in Waco, Texas. While there, I bought a small, red, stained glass heart that hung on my rear view mirror for years. I visited the store in Austin from time to time but never really gave it much thought until this summer.

I stumbled upon this internship perusing the Internet looking for a summer job. I’ve always been interested in Fair Trade and sustainable shopping. This internship is the perfect opportunity for me to discover and learn more about honest commerce in our globalized world while sharing it through mediums that can reach and inspire a broad range of individuals.

I’m excited to discover, learn and share my new ideas with the customers and volunteers that make Ten Thousand Villages successful. I hope you enjoy what I have to say and stop by the store and say hello and share your story with me.



Arielle Axelrod