Meet Greg, our Outreach and Events intern for Fall 2015!

Ten Thousand Villages! I love this place. I love the mission, and I love the product.

I recently left the corporate realm in order to pursue more meaningful work.  I felt that the corporate sector houses a good atmosphere for feelings of complacency, greed, and desire for abundance to occur.  During my three years in and out of jobs in this sector, I have felt each one of these feelings.  My life is not rooted in any one of those three feelings, so I left.

It has been only a month since my departure from the corporate world, and I have been able to dig my fingers into some good work already.  Even though the nonprofit sector is strong in Austin, it is also highly sought after (for employment).   Whereas my Finance degree used to bode well for me when applying to jobs, it now seems to be looked over (and I like that).

I know that the meaning of life is to give selfless Love.  That is my mission, and what I strive to do daily on this earth.  Helping others: not so that I feel good, but just to help.  Writing this bio: not for attention or to booster my pride, but to explain the truth.  It is with this mission and knowledge of the truth that I go about my life, and I am at peace.

I am very glad to be an intern here at Ten Thousand Villages.

Greg and longhorn

(Greg’s the one in the red shirt)