Meet Charlotte, TTV’s New Social Media Intern!

Hello, lovers of fair trade! My name is Charlotte and I’ll be interning with Ten Thousand Villages for the Summer. I am entirely new to Austin, to Ten Thousand Villages, and to fair trade as a whole — and loving it so far.

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Wearing a sweater at the beginning of the summer last year, because that’s something people do in the Northeast…quickly found this to be out of the question in Austin, but I’m loving the change!

I graduated from college in upstate New York (from St. Lawrence University, a small liberal arts school) in late May, gave myself a week to calm down after that big step, then packed up a few boxes and flew down to Texas mainly on a whim. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of literal Goodwill Hunting for cheap furniture and, when those expeditions were fruitless, sleeping and eating on the floor of my empty house in the North University neighborhood.

My first day at Ten Thousand Villages was like crossing the threshold into the Promised Land of air conditioning, beauty and vibrancy the likes of which my small rental may never possess, and a new frontier of what it means to shop ethically and work selflessly.

I chose to pursue this internship, not just because I’m unqualified for most other non-entry and paid positions (though this is also true…), but because the idea of a full-time position straight out of school was a little too daunting. I have so much more to discover about myself and about the world before I settle into it—and so I’ve chosen to begin that journey of discovery here, halfway across the country from everything and everyone I’ve ever known, and in an industry of fair trade and nonprofit that I’ve never experienced before.

I’ll be building on my experience writing for our university newspaper and navigating the world of fair trade via social media, updating this blog and posting to our numerous social media accounts. Keep up with our mission (and with me) on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or just stop in on Burnet Road to say hello!

Stay tuned to see how it goes and/or, if you have experience with social media coordination and feel like sending some friendly advice my way, shoot me an email at