Sseko Sandals

The power of a shoe and the stories it can tell is an amazing, often overlooked feat. Why do you think people ask, “do you know what it feels like to be in my shoes?” or say  “follow in my footsteps?” Our feet and our shoes can tell a lot about our stories and the life we live. Here, in the United States, we are often unaware to some of the journeys people in other countries go through. Ten Thousand Villages wants to help enlighten the Austin community about a path that might be overlooked.

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Follow in our footsteps and join us for the Sseko Sandal Event on April 30th in our store. Sseko Sandals was started in Uganda to help provide women with the capital to pay for school. Since the project began, they have sent over 87 girls to school and are now able to employ 50 women. Their mission is to empower and enable women to achieve their dreams despite the challenges, adversity, and oppressive climates they may face.

The Sseko Sandal uses ribbon to design many styles of the shoe. This is where Ten Thousand Villages comes in! Our event on the 30th will provide you with a community of people with similar interests while learning more about the organization and getting to learn how to use the ribbon to make the sandals look as fabulous as possible with over 100 different variations. There will be a representative from Sseko to teach attendees different ways to style the shoe and answer any other questions. You can bring a Sseko sandal from home of borrow one from the store. We will also have free food and drinks available for your enjoyment. Don’t miss out on a fun way to diversify your style while providing Ugandan women and opportunity to improve their quality of life. Put yourself in their shoes, come to our Sseko event!

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