Shop Fair, Give Fair

Bike Chain Artisan_K2Noah works with Bike Chain

This holiday season, Shop Fair, Give Fair

with Ten Thousand Villages of Austin!

Nane and Khalid (pictured above) work at Noah’s Ark International, in India to support their families.  They fashion discarded bicycle chain into frames, bottle openers and jewelry for Ten Thousand Villages. The cost of metal has skyrocketed in recent years, which has had a devastating effect on the local economy and on the lives of metal workers in Moradabad.  Noah’s Ark has worked to train artisans in using alternative metals and materials resulting in a lower impact on the planet. Noah’s Ark also provides a school for artisans’ children who might otherwise have little opportunity for education.

Purchasing bicycle chain gifts supports underprivileged artisans and their families, ensuring long term employment fulfilling future Ten Thousand Villages orders.

Bike Chain Bracelet $14

Bike Chain Bracelet

Bike Chain Bottle Opener $8

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Bike Chain Picture Frame $16

Bike Chain Picture Frame