Howdy Y’all! It’s me, Chief Becca!

Greetings, Fair Traders!

Just me being excited about fair trade and elephants!

Just me being excited about fair trade and elephants!

It’s me, Becca! I’m brand spankin’ new to blog world, so allow me to briefly introduce myself:

I began volunteering at Ten Thousand Villages of Austin (TTVoA) in March 2010, shortly after attending a mandatory “fair trade vs. free trade” workshop at St. Edward’s University. About a year after that, I happily accepted a lead volunteer position and took on some outreach and education roles for TTVoA and for Fair Trade Towns USA, Austin. I’ve taken part in several TTVoA events, such as the first and second film festivals, the first and third One Reason Why events, this last year’s World Fair Trade Day celebration, and a handful of other small projects. I began my interim position at the store as “Chief Storyteller” in September, and have since collected information on various artisan groups from around the world that I will be sharing with you here. (We’ve got some catching up to do!)

I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned with you here! For me, the most wonderful thing about fair trade is developing a connection between the producer and the consumer. The holidays are coming up, so it’s important to remember when we give our loved ones a fair trade gift, you’re not only giving a product, you’re giving a story of growth, triumph and empowerment.

With Love,

Chief Becca